Application of JINPAT Slip Rings in Agricultural Machinery

April 28, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Slip Rings in Agricultural Machinery

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, automobiles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery powered by new energy such as hydrogen energy and electric power have been gradually developed. However, the current mainstream hydrogen energy and battery power supply cannot meet the needs of some machines that require continuous and high-intensity operation scenarios. Therefore, cable-type electric engineering and agricultural machinery that directly use external power supplies have become another solution. This kind of engineering machinery carries a large cable reel, which is used to retract and unwind the cable when the machine is moving forward and backward. In the reel, the slip ring is a necessary part. As an old slip ring manufacturer in China, JINPAT is also the the earliest manufacturer of slip rings in the field of towed electric agricultural machinery and construction machinery.


At present, JINPAT Electronics has successfully provided dozens of product cases such as cable-type mining machinery and tunnel construction machinery, among which the most representative is the slip ring used on the cable-type mining machinery. Due to the output of this type of engineering machinery The power is relatively high, so JINPAT’s matching products are all high-power carbon brush slip rings. And LPA000-06120-0730-0725PE-0805PE-08S-FO12 This high-current optical fiber integrated slip ring is the most representative model. This product is specially designed for the harsh outdoor working conditions of construction machinery. It has high protection level and strong anti-vibration ability. Many advantages.


In comparison, the cable-type agricultural machinery has relatively low requirements for power transmission capacity. If 690V voltage is used, 500A per circuit can meet the needs of most large-scale agricultural machinery. At present, there is no manufacturer in China to develop cable-type agricultural machinery, and the related foreign products are mainly heavy-duty farming equipment. For the slip rings required for this type of heavy-duty cable-type agricultural farming equipment, JINPAT already has mining machinery and equipment. Slip rings are in the forefront, so they are fully capable of developing products with lower demand. Whether it is an anti-vibration carbon brush slip ring structure, or an optical fiber slip ring for control centers and mechanical communications, JINPAT Electronics can provide .