JINPAT Slip Ring in High-end VR Consumer Electronics

April 28, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring in High-end VR Consumer Electronics

The advancement of science and technology means that more and more novel technologies are developed by people and gradually popularized in industries that affect people's basic necessities of life. The development of technology is always accompanied by the expansion of market demand, which makes various High-end entertainment consumer electronics equipment has entered the ranks of consumer goods.


The hottest thing in recent years is virtual reality technology. When some traditional game simulation devices are added with these two technologies, a new experience will be obtained. As a high-end electromechanical equipment integrating a variety of modern technologies, there are also slip rings in this type of high-end game equipment. As a veteran slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics is also the first manufacturer to enter the slip ring market for high-end consumer electronics such as VR. .


For devices using technologies such as VR, it is necessary to output high-definition video signals. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of high-definition video signal transmission, JINPAT engineers specially integrated HDMI signal paths for VR slip rings. Currently, JINPAT HDMI signal slip rings can already support the transmission of version 2.0 signals. The representative slip ring that JINPAT has developed for high-end electronic equipment like VR is LPC-0104-0402-HD01-U2, which integrates two different power rings of 4A and 2A, and also integrates two types of USB2.0 and HDMI signal path. This slip ring was finally installed on the VR rotating seat to bring users a more realistic full-scale multi-dimensional virtual world experience.