JINPAT Military Purpose Super Miniature Slip Rings

April 7, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Military Purpose Super Miniature Slip Rings

Among all the slip ring collections produced by JINPAT Electronics, the military purpose slip ring takes up a vital part. JINPAT military slip rings cover 5 major areas. And to fit in all kinds of applications, there are slip rings with unique features. For example, the large military slip ring takes up 5 to 6 square meters while weighing up to several tons. In terms of slip rings in small size, the diameter is only a couple milometers and with a total length around 20 milometers. The latter kind is the JINPAT Military Purpose Super Miniature Slip Rings.

Among the models of JINPAT military slip rings, the diameter of most are within 1mm. As for custom slip rings, their diameters tend to remain within 20mm. Most of JINPAT military slip rings are custom solutions. They are applied to precise small size photoelectric pod, inertial navigation systems and individual digital combat systems, etc. LPMS-1002-50S, LPMS-0105-08S-E3, LPMS-40S/44S/60S/80S/96S are representative slip ring models.

These military slip rings are examples of slip ring with integrated weak current module. Some of them consist of signal module and power module while the others are purely signal units. These latest slip ring models can transmit power and signals at the same time. Take LPMS-0105-08S-E3 for instance, it is a super miniature slip ring designed for mini size photoelectric pod. It is the smallest of the JINPAT Gigabit Ethernet Slip Rings with a diameter of 12.5mm and a length of 34mm. LPMS-0105-08S-E3 is a super mini size military slip ring.