JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Offshore Platform Upon Delivery

April 8, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Offshore Platform Upon Delivery

The offshore platform is a very important part among the slip ring application fields. Compared to the other industry, the slip ring for offshore platform features high current capacity. So, most of JINPAT slip rings for offshore platforms are large current slip rings. JINPAT large current slip rings generally speaking are custom slip rings.


And among JINPAT slip rings for offshore platforms, most are for offshore cranes and offshore winches. JINPAT’s latest slip ring model is for offshore crane. This latest high power slip ring is coded LPA000-03300-01PE-0350-0210-16S. JINPAT, with a long history and experience in doing slip ring R&D, is able to finish the structure design and production in a relatively short time.


JINPAT’s Efficient Production Line


Large current slip ring LPA000-03300-01PE-0350-0210-16S consists of 2 modules. There are 3 300A power channels and 1 grounding wire in the large current slip ring module. This part takes up carbon brush friction pairs. The working voltage of the two parts are 690VAC and 380VAC. The other module is weak current signal module. This latter module is integrated within the custom through hole slip ring. It consists of two 10A 220VAC channels and 16 24VAC weak current signal channels.


In terms of environment adaptability, since there are already protection measurements on the application platforms, the high current slip ring with IP44 can function stably between -10℃~+45℃ under 90% humidity. To cope with cold environment, a 200W thermostat is integrated within the slip ring to heat up the component. And with a thermostat and a cooler, JINPAT large current slip ring show more flexibility in case of adaptability.