Slip Ring Models for Middle Size and Large Size Sewer Inspection Robots

April 14, 2021
Latest company news about Slip Ring Models for Middle Size and Large Size Sewer Inspection Robots

Sewers are laid underground. Due to its close-up design, regular inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure the well-being of the sewers. The space inside the sewer is quite limited. Besides, the operational environment is not suitable for human intervention. Under such circumstances, sewer inspection robots are developed. In most sewer inspection robots, slip rings are irreplaceable components. JINPAT, as a professional slip ring expert, has developed various types of slip ring to fit in the sewer robots.

Sewer Inspection robots, according to different specific functions, vary in their size. For small size sewer robots, JINPAT LPC, LPM and LPMS are mostly adopted for their compact design. The slip rings also feature high definition signal and Ethernet signals transmission. In terms of the large type sewer robots, the slip ring applied are usually based on the JINPAT LPT through hole slip rings.


JINPAT Slip Ring for Sewer Inspection Robot

JINPAT LPT000-3816-2402-04S hollow shaft slip ring is a hybrid slip ring model. There are 38 16A channels, 24 2A channels and 4 signal channels. To enable large current transmission, there are many channels integrated, so the length of the slip ring unit reaches 315.5m while the diameter 129.4mm. This hollow shaft slip ring is the largest slip ring model for sewer inspection robot. The power ring of LPT000-3816-2402-04S adopts FLRY-B automotive cables, while the signal ring adopts twisted shield pairs. To cope with the complex operational environment, the protection grade of the slip ring reaches IP65.

Another JINPAT slip ring with similar structure design and function, is based on LPC-24A. The hybrid slip ring is coded LPC-24A-0216-0202 from the former slip ring model, it is a very compact size slip ring with a diameter of only 22m and a length of 42.3mm. Aside from the solid shaft models, there are also hollow shaft variants. LPT025-0420-0607 is one of the representative models. The through hole diameter is 25.4mm, with an outer diameter of 86mm and 72.3mm at length.