What Lead Wires Are Used for Different Slip Rings?

April 15, 2021
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The signal slip ring is a very important slip ring branch. It is responsible for 360-degree rotation transmission of signals. Basing on the signal types, slip rings in the market can basically be divided into electrical signal slip rings and optical signal slip rings. The lead wires for the former type vary according to the specific signal being transmitted while the latter adopts fiber optic as medium.
In terms of technological complexity, the multi-channel optical slip ring is the most demanding. Since the diameter of the single mode optical slip ring is only 10um, which is much smaller than 50um of the multi-mode optical slip ring. There to integrate over 10 channels in a single mode slip ring is very challenging. By far, this is still a technical bottleneck that slip ring manufacturers in China are working to overcome.


JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring LPCC-01B Adopts Twisted Pairs as Lead Wire
Transmission medium is quite limited for optical slip ring while the choices are more open for signal slip ring. To transmit signals like USB, DO, HDMI and Ethernet signals, specific lead wires are adopted accordingly. Though their special wire lead for certain signal transmission, they are basically twisted pairs with special connectors. So, in the realm of signal slip rings, twisted pairs are the most commonly used lead wires. Besides, coaxial wires are also quite frequently used. There are two layers in a coaxial wire. Generally speaking, the characteristic impedance is marked by 50Ω type and the 75Ω type. The two coaxial wires are used to transmit RF signals and HDMI signals respectively.