JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Brief Introduction

April 16, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Brief Introduction

Through bore slip rings, also known as hollow shaft slip rings, feature a central hole in the slip ring unit. This characteristic makes the slip ring rather flexible and versatile compared to other slip ring types.


JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer with a long history in slip ring R&D. Within the years, JINPAT has developed a mature through hole slip ring series. The central hole diameter is optional from 0 to 980mm. JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings adopt advanced fiber brush contacts, and therefore able to ensure a reliable contact under low friction.


JINPAT hollow shaft slip rings also demonstrate great stability and high electronic performances in transmitting data and power during 360-degree rotation. The series enjoys a long product life up to 25,000,000 revolutions. The slip ring can serve in circuit up to 1000V.


JINPAT Through Hole Slip Ring Series

Thanks to the central hole design, JINPAT through bore slip ring can be easily mounted on the application end. Such feature also makes it a perfect prototype to hybrid slip ring solutions.


JINPAT through hole slip ring can be integrated with pneumatic/ hydraulic rotary joint whose gas and liquid channels can directly go through the central hole. It can also be integrated with capsule slip rings, high frequency slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints, etc. In short, JINPAT through hole slip ring series is very potential and powerful.


The through hole series has many off-the-shelf models. Upon request, JINPAT is able to carry out mass production of the slip ring models and a prompt delivery. As for applications that have special requirements, JINPAT is confident in bringing the most scientific and efficient solution. Contact us to learn more!