JINPAT Slip Rings with Small Through Hole for Radars

April 21, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings with Small Through Hole for Radars

There are many names of the slip ring according to their features aiming at different industries. And the collector ring is especially used for military industry. As for usages, some military collector rings are no more complex than slip rings for civil applications. However, there are more rigorous requirements and inspections for the military purpose slip rings. JINPAT Electronics, with years of experiences, has developed many technology-intense slip ring for the military industry. JINPAT has many slip ring models that can cope with hazardous environment. Today, we will focus on military use slip rings with small through hole diameter.

JINPAT through hole slip rings with small through bole diameter feature short shaft diameter, with a compact figure. This slip ring type is generally used for small size rotary military devices that demand rotary transmission of power and signals. On the military vehicles and small and medium size aircrafts, the radars are relatively small. With small radiated power and irradiation distance, the collector rings are relatively simple in its structure. Most of these slip ring are with small through hole diameter.


JINPAT LPT038 Series Sample

JINPAT LPT012, LPT015, LPT038 and LPT039 are series that feature small through bore diameter. LPT012 and LPT015 are two major branches with the smallest bore diameter. LPT012A-0701-E2 and LPT015-0610-E3 are hybrid slip ring with simple structure, with several power channels and 1 Ethernet channel. Generally speaking, these slip rings are used on radar, short range detection radar, MTI radar on ships, aircrafts and vehicles.

As for JINPAT LPT038 and LPT039 series, the functions would be more powerful than the former slip ring models. These slip rings have more power channels and likewise, are able to transmit more signal types with more signal channels. LPT038-1205-12S and LPT039-0605-16S-E2 are two typical examples. And as LPT038 is based on the standard slip ring mold, term of delivery is much shorter than the LPT039 series.

JINPAT Electronics, has provided satisfactory slip ring products and service to the clients and has won a good reputation. Aside from our standard slip rings, you can always consult us for personal solutions!