JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Rings for Heavy Machinery

April 2, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Rings for Heavy Machinery

Having a couple of advantageous, optical transmission is applied in various field. Nowadays, even in a traditional industry equipment, optical signal is adopted to replace electrical signal. To enable 360-degree transmission of optical signals, an optical slip ring or a photoelectric integrated slip ring. JINPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT has developed many photoelectric slip ring models for the clients.


With integrated optical module, the electrical slip ring is capable of transmitting high power current and supporting optical signal transmission while rotating in a 360 degree. JINPAT single mode fiber optic rotary joint can transmit signals beyond several thousand meters. JINPAT Electronics has developed many photoelectric integrated slip ring for heavy industry machines. One of JINPAT’s electrical slip ring model integrate 3 1000A channels and 20 5A power channels. Its signal module is a 6 channel single mode optical slip ring.


This special slip ring is especially designed for coal grabber. Taking the high density of dust of the working environment, explosion-proof performance of the slip ring is a top concern. In general practice, explosion-proof slip ring tends to embrace a high level protection grading. And this slip ring model is with IP66 therefore demonstrates excellent explosion-proof quality.


JINPAT Electronics is very skilled in developing slip ring for special purpose, you can talk with our technology team to find out a better solution for you.