JINPAT Slip Rings for EV Charging Station

April 1, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for EV Charging Station

With the up-rising price of the fuel, more and more people choose to buy electric vehicle instead of traditional cars. And its auxiliary basic infrastructure, the charging stations are also everywhere to be seem. To store the extendable charging leads, an electric cable reel in needed. And slip rings, as a component that can enable 360-degree rotation while maintaining a stable and reliable power transmission, play a major part in the electric cable reel.

JINPAT Electronics, is an established slip ring provider based in China. Since set up, JINPAT has provided numerous efficient and sustainable slip ring and rotary joints solutions for the customer. As for EV charging station, JINPAT is confident in bring you a satisfactory slip ring model.


Obviously, the key mechanism of the charging station is a conductive cable reel that contain the large current capacity cables. JINPAT has many practical slip ring solutions for cable reels. Only small adjustment need to be made to allow their application on the charging station.

Given the actual requirement, JINPAT recommends a prototype like through bore slip ring, a slip ring with hollow shaft that can easily installed on the charging station joint. Another concern is the slip ring’s electricity capacity. So, the large current slip ring series might also be a good choice.

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