JINPAT Releases New Models of the Pancake Slip Ring

September 2, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Releases New Models of the Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake slip rings, also known as flat slip rings, due to their very short axial length, are applied in special type of electro-mechanical systems. Therefore, they have a relatively small production volume. From the structure, flat slip rings can be divided into the integrated slip ring and split slip ring. JINPAT separate pancake slip ring is coded as LPKS, and the integrated pancake slip ring is coded as LPK.

The split pancake slip ring is extremely thin. JINPAT can produce LPKS separate flat slip ring with a minimum axial length of 5mm. LPKS165-0405-04S is the latest flat slip ring model with split structure. There are 4 5A power channels and 4 signal channels. FR-4PSB is taken up as material, and the total thickness of rotor, the stator and the tab is only 7mm. Such thickness is the general standard of JINPAT flat separate.

Compared to the exposing structure of the separate slip ring, the integrated pancake slip ring has a housing the provide extra protection to the slip ring unit, and therefore the latter model has a higher protection grading. And the pancake slip ring also has a through hole design, which can facilitate integration with hydraulic pneumatic rotary union, fiber optic rotary joint and radio frequency slip ring. The structure lowers the thickness of the rotary joint and meantime provides excellent flexibility. And among JINPAT pancake slip rings, most are developed for vehicle radar systems. They are integrated slip ring that transmit power, signals and radio frequency signals.


JINPAT has released two latest pancake slip ring models that are coded as LPK077-0203-02S and LPK185-0210. The through bore diameter of the former flat slip ring is 77mm while that of the latter is 185mm. Through they have comparatively bore diameter, they are very simple in structure. LPK077-0203-02S is designed for high precision equipment with a working voltage of only 12VDC. There are 2 3A power channel 2 signal channel. As for LPK185-0210, there are only 2 10A power channels and it works at 55VDC.

Even though flat slip ring is a niche product in the market, JINPAT Electronics has never stopped in doing R&D on it and invested sufficient fund to better develop thinner slip ring. And there are many models undergoing life span tests in the lab.

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