On Applications of Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

August 24, 2022
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Fiber optic rotary joints, also known as optical slip rings, are a special type of slip rings that transmit optical signals. Fiber optic rotary joints featuring high transmission rate, long life span and high reliability, are widely applied in different applications. JINPAT Electronics, as a pioneer in the slip ring industry, has accumulated lots of experiences in slip ring R&D. And JINPAT has been stepping ahead in doing independent R&Ds on optical slip ring. JINPAT Electronics is now capable of producing fiber optic rotary joints in bulks. JINPAT is also capable of producing single mode optical slip rings within 5 channels and multi-mode optical slip rings within 10 channels in a relatively small scale.

Back to our theme today, fiber optic rotary joints are actually special optical components with high precision processing and high technology. Therefore, the cost of the optical slip ring is comparatively higher than the general slip rings. And they are mostly adopted in high-end electronic products. One of the most everyday application is on under water robots. To gain in-time control of the ROVs and transmit the signals, an optical slip ring is installed within the system.

At present, the fiber optic rotary joints are mostly applied in the optical power processing devices. The optical slip rings are favored by laser device manufacturers. And most are multi-channel optical slip rings. As for devices that enable laser cutting and multi-axis processing, a multi-channel single-mode optical rotary joint is preferred. Aside from laser processing equipment, many industrial processing facilities demand optical slip rings to replace traditional electrical slip rings. For instance, some heavy industry machines that work in dust-threaten environment need optical slip ring to provide a safer signal transmission. And in the marine construction field, devices like undersea ROVs and marine winches also adopt fiber optic rotary joints to enable rotary transmission of data and signals. Meanwhile, an integration with electrical slip ring is better.

In facts, optical slip rings are less seen in the everyday life. However, for high-end surveillance cameras, an optical slip ring is a better solution for its real-time signal transmission and high transmission rate.

With the development of optical technology and lowering cost, fiber optic rotary joints are facing broader applications. JINPAT keeps making research of such products. We provided innovative rotary solutions that surprise our clients. Consult JINPAT for more efficient and endurable slip ring solutions.