JINPAT Rotary Unions Applied in Automatic Production Industry

August 18, 2022
Latest company news about JINPAT Rotary Unions Applied in Automatic Production Industry

Rotary unions are essential mechanical components that allow medium like gas and fluid to transmit from stationary part to rotating part. For the medium they transmit, they are also known as Pneumatic Hydraulic rotary unions and rotary joints. JINPAT Electronics is a specialist in rotary transmission solutions. JINPAT rotary unions are broadly applied in the automatic production industry.

You can see JINPAT rotary unions are installed on beverage filling machines, packaging machines and other production line rotary tables. Customer can order rotary unions with various channel numbers. Our rotary union adopt precious metal as housing material, which display excellent anti-oxidation performance. They are lubricant-free rotary joints that can enable smooth and lasting rotations. And to ensure a reliable medium transmission, JINPAT rotary unions take up advanced sealing material and sealing technique. Clients are free from the concern of leakage. Under demand, our rotary unions can transmit liquid and gas at high pressure. At short, JINPAT rotary unions are perfect choice that can operate in a reliable and endurable way.


Besides, to better keep pace with the development of smart automatic production, the hydraulic and pneumatic rotary unions are integrated with electrical slip rings to fulfill a more complex functions. One frequently practiced solution is a hybrid of rotary union and Ethernet slip rings. This integrated slip ring solution is able to follow the commands from industrial computer control center, as to make the operating process more systematical and precise. To avoid interference between power, signal, gas and fluid, the integrated rotary unions take up module design and fine isolation layer between circuits. The module design is very typical, you can see such structure in integrated slip rings for construction machine and podded ship propeller system.


JINPAT rotary unions are applied in many industrial production sections, and are proven very efficient and reliable. If you have any concern of our rotary unions and slip rings, contact us right away. JINPAT Electronics have many standard rotary union models, and you can also make a customization order after consulting with our technical team.