JINPAT Slip Ring for Crane

June 29, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Crane

JINPAT, collaborating with SANY Company specializing in construction machinery manufacturing, has designed dozens of slip rings applied to cranes, covering Truck-Mounted Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Rough-terrain Cranes, and Crawler Cranes.

The crane slip ring manufacturing in JINPAT has been a matured procedure. Skilled assembly production line makes a high product unity possible with standard techniques. Such a slip ring can integrate transmission of power, throttle signal, CANBus and encoder signal at one time. Precise location (+/-2°)of angular ring promotes a reliable transmission. Furthermore, superb waterproof performance, together with IP67 protection level, strengthens its flexibility of operation in outdoor working conditions.

From design, manufacturing, to check, all procedures are stringently implemented. In practical application, the part also shows its commendable operation.


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Features & Advantages


◆ Be able to transmit power and signal including throttle signal, CANBus signal, angular ring signal and encoder signal at one time

◆ Precise location in the angular ring, up to +/-2°

◆ Lifting capacity: 12T~350T

◆ Watertight performance

◆ IP67 high protection level

◆ Prompt delivery