JINPAT Solution for LED Display

June 22, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Solution for LED Display

JINPAT pancake slip ring has always been the choice for the application where limited space exists in the vertical direction. Accordingly, the flat slip ring has been applied for the LED display.

As the LED display is used for showing words, images, and videos, JINPAT slip rings for LED display can transmit current and signals with a small dimension. The slip ring is a separate flat part that has a voltage of 380VAC and large dielectric strength. The through bore has a diameter of φ46mm and φ59mm. With reliable transmission, the slip ring helps absolutely a perfect color display without mosaic. A high protection level permits the LED display slip ring working for those outdoor displays. Working in a temperature of -20~+60℃, the electrical part can withstand under circumstances of sunlight, rainfall, wind and thunder.



Main Parameters

◆ Current: 5A* 2ckt

◆ Voltage: 380 VAC

◆ Working Speed: 300rpm

◆ Through Bore: φ46/φ59mm

◆ Working Temperature: -20~+60℃

◆ IP54