JINPAT Slip Ring for High Speed Train

October 31, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for High Speed Train

      High-speed trains refer to a kind of transport, of which the speed reaches or exceeds 200 km/h at maximum. Along with the construction of high-speed rail, a type of rail transport that operates significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, trains is capable of achieving an improved speed. As a power-driven vehicle, slip ring is required to support and sustain its operation.

       The slip ring developed by JINPAT for high speed trains is mainly characteristic of high rotating speed and long service life. With such a performance, its reliable power & signal transmission helps the train to obtain enough accelerating force during a high-speed driving. Even though it is in summer, the high speed train slip ring with 80℃ can also retain a normal operation regardless of high temperature resulting from outdoor environment or heat from friction from high-speed operation. As a high-speed slip ring, it can be also used for speed checking equipment.

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Features & Advantages


  • Long service life: In actual tests, its life reaches 230 million revolutions in a speed of 2000 rpm;
  • High working speed: In a speed of 10000rpm, it can still operate with 50 million revolutions;
  • High Temperature Resistance: It can keep a long-time operation in a temperature up to 80℃ after an actual test.