JINPAT Slip Ring for Nonmagnetic Military Equipment

October 10, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Nonmagnetic Military Equipment

        Varied equipment occupies military field. Likewise, numerous invisible parts we may not know build these assemblies and perform their irreplaceable functions in operations. A slip ring, as the kernel of transmission of data, power, air and fluid, makes an unnoticed contribution to those electromechanical devices requiring 360° rotating transmission from stationary to continuously rotating parts.

       JINPAT’s new unit, as showed below, is called a dedicated capsule slip ring for nonmagnetic military equipment. Exhibiting itself with nonmagnetic property, the nonmagnetic military slip ring fits the equipment, such as nonmagnetic probe, radar, and submarines, etc. By keeping a good strength while minimizing the magnetism through scientific material arrangement, the quantity of magnetism is controlled within 15nT, which reaches the limit requirement of the customer. Operating in a rotating speed of 400rpm, the electrical part routes 3A current in 42 circuits and transfers encoder signal in 1 pair.


latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Nonmagnetic Military Equipment  0Features

Circuits: 42ckt *3A, 1 pair * Encoder signal

Voltage: 0~24V AC/DC

Dielectric Strength: ≥200VAC@50Hz between circuits

Insulation Resistance: ≥50MΩ@200VDC

Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value: ≤35mΩ

Working Speed: 0~400 rpm

Contact: Precious Metal

Housing: Engineering Plastic

Working Temperature: -40~+60℃

Humidty: ≤60%RH