JINPAT Slip Ring for Steering Wheel 

September 19, 2018
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Steering Wheel 

       Steering wheel is an indispensable part for a car, which drives the vehicle to lead to a desired direction. The part, as it were, can pose a threat to the traffic safety when its performance is weakened or malfunction occurs. JINPAT, focusing on the essential characteristics of the steering wheel, has delivered an exclusive slip ring for the equipment.

       To avoid unnecessary troubles caused by parts‘ updating for the wheel, JINPAT slip ring is designed with a long service life up to 10 million revolutions. Moreover, brush wire and copper are in a design comply with a high standard so as to maintain a reliable contact in a rapid reversing operation. As to the steering wheel slip ring, its working speed ranging from 0 to 300 rpm supports a rapid steering or reversing. With a low electrical noise, it also minimizes the danger coefficient through averting distraction from extra noises.


latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Steering Wheel   0Features

◆ Circuits: 2 circuits*1A

◆ Voltage: 240 V AC/DC

◆ Dielectric Strength: ≥500VAC@50Hz

◆ Insulation: ≥100MΩ@500VDC

◆ Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value: ≤35mΩ

◆ Working Speed: 0~300 rpm

◆ Contact: Precious Metal

◆ Housing: Engineering Plastic

◆ Wire Size: AWG30# Silver Plated Copper UL Teflon

◆ Wire Length: Stator: 250±5mm, Rotor: 250±5mm

◆ Working Temperature: -20~+60℃

◆ Humidity: ≤60%RH