JINPAT Slip Ring in Buckingham Palace

April 3, 2019
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring in Buckingham Palace

Speed dome cameras also called PTZ dome cameras are widely used in middle and big scale surveillance areas. It can monitor the whole area with just one speed dome camera and without any blind spot. As a key rotating component in speed dome cameras, the slip ring plays an important role in ensuring the integrity and rapidity of data transmission during 360° rotation. Recently, JINPAT has launched a slip ring (LPC-24A-0802-10S-E2) for speed dome camera in Buckingham Palace.


The speed dome camera slip ring can conduct 100M Ethernet, 8 circuits*2A current, as well as 10 circuits*other signals. The internal space of speed dome camera is limited. According, it has strict requirements on the size of the slip ring. The speed dome slip ring is designed with a outer diameter of 22mm, and length of 42.3mm, which features not only compact but also stable.


This kind of security cameras always come with vandal-proof housing for protection itself from smash and hit. In order to guarantee accurate work at every moment, the speed dome camera has high requirements for slip ring’s performance stability. For improving stability, the slip ring adopts gold to gold contact materials that ensure its low electrical noise and longer service lifetime. Components that can work normally under high and low temperature environment also have been selected, such as high temperature wire, high temperature bearing material, etc. Therefore, the slip ring can be used in a relatively wide working temperature from -20 ° C to +60 ° C. Meanwhile, it has successfully passed a series of rigorous tests such as vibration, impact, dust. As the industry leader, JINPAT has been devoted to providing high-quality solutions and units for various intelligent automation fields.