The JINPAT Slip Ring for 3D Scanner

March 27, 2019
Latest company news about The JINPAT Slip Ring for 3D Scanner

The 3D scanner captures the world around people with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. What makes it able to achieve 360°capturing? It is slip ring, the core components used to 360°conduct power and signals.


3D scanner often use the method of instant image information transmission, whose data acquisition end is very close to the receiving end, so the twisted pair transmission need to be employed. Based on miniature slip ring, JINPAT R&D team developed a dedicated signal slip ring: LPM-12S, which uses twisted pair to transmit a variety of signals including LVDS. The miniature slip ring has a total of 12 circuits, of which 6 circuits are used to transmit LVDS signals, 4 circuits are used to 2A current, as well as 2 circuits for other signals.


The 3D scanner also has high requirements for size and weight. In order to achieve small size and lightweight, the miniature slip ring adopts special stainless alloy as the housing material. For its size, the slip ring has been designed with a diameter of 12.8mm and length of 30mm. Besides, due to gold to gold contact, the longer service lifetime is up to 100 million turns. Components that can work normally under relatively high temperature environment also have been selected. Therefore, it is proved to work properly at temperature from 0 ° C to +65 ° C. Meanwhile, the slip ring has a low operating voltage of only 7VAC/DC. At present, the miniature slip ring has been delivered to internationally renowned companies and has been well received by customers.