JINPAT Slip Ring in Military Industry Machinery

September 1, 2016
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring in Military Industry Machinery

The military strength of a country is the classical showing of the country's industrialization level, also it is an embodiment of country's technological capabilities. In fact, military strength is the overall display of military equipment, coefficient of stability and practical level. With the development of advanced technique, more and more people know what are slip ring and the importance of slip ring. The application for military equipment has become wider and greater, which has very strict demand with slip ring technology, especially for the quality.


However, High-speed, high efficiency, high-quality mode of operation has increasingly become the the goal in people’s daily life, that resulting in the overall performance of mechanical components are increasingly high requirements. Nowadays, the development of military industry machinery prefer for tending to automation, but all the activities of the rotary joint power and the rotation of the electric signal transmission problem of military industry machinery should require the slip ring solution. Therefore, the requirements of slip ring are extremely high for military industry machinery.


JINPAT have more than 20 years experiences in producing slip ring ,if you have any need or technical information, just feel free to contact with us, we will try our best to help you.


There are some military slip rings are recommended as below:
The coax rotary joint, fiber optical rotary joint and customized slip ring from JINPAT adopts the best advanced fiber brush technology and precious metal contact materials, which could guarantee reliable signal or power in harsh environment, In addition, JINPAT slip ring could make sure low electrical noise, maintenance free and longer work life time as per your special demands.