Through-Bore Slip Ring Has Wider Application Fields In The Future

September 21, 2016
Latest company news about Through-Bore Slip Ring Has Wider Application Fields In The Future

Generally speaking, we call the conductive ring with a hole in the middle through-bore slip ring. The basic technical parameters of through-bore slip ring are diameter, diameter, length, number of circuits, voltage, current, speed and so on. Through-bore Slip Ring is also called hollow shaft slip ring. A slip ring has different structure. And according to the structure, its application fields and transmission medium have different classification methods. This series of slip ring requires unrestrained, intermittent, or continuous rotation while transferring power or data. The slip ring transmits current or signal through the brush and the contact material from a stationary to a rotating structure.


Applications of through-bore slip ring are very wide. It’s mainly installed on a device with a rotating shaft. And it’s the rotary joint for transmitting signals between fixed and non- fixed structure. In the future, through-hole slip ring will be widely used in automation equipment, automation testing equipment, automatic robots and other new fields. At the same time, there will be higher requirements to the structure and technical parameters of through-bore slip ring. So Jinpat not only manufactures products but also invests a lot of research funding to new products and structure for adapting to the needs of through-bore slip ring in the future. As every customer has different ideas to technical parameter, such as diameter, diameter, height, circuits, current or signal size, voltage, operating speed, temperature and so on, which of them are required to customize the processing and customized production.