JINPAT Slip Rings for Automated Production Systems

December 24, 2021
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In today’s manufacturer industries, automated production systems are commonly applied to enhance production standards and efficiency. For many automated production machines, there are needs to transmit power, signals and even fluid/gas between the stationary part to the rotary part. To enable such transmission, an electrical slip ring is needed. For instance, to enable rotary transmission in a beverage filling machine, a standard slip ring is not enough. To allow simultaneous transmission of power, signals and fluid, a custom design is needed.

JINPAT Electronics, as an experienced slip ring manufacturer has provided numerous custom slip ring solutions for the automated production systems. In years, JINPAT has developed thousands of slip ring models for packing machines, rotary tables, robots, textile machines, machining equipment, automated sorting systems and testing equipment.


JINPAT Slip Ring for Automated Production Systems

A relatively simple custom slip ring for automated production systems are based on the JINPAT standard slip rings. Only small adjustments are made to fit in the automated machines like adding more channels or simply combining two slip ring models. As for a more sophisticated custom slip rings tend to be a brand-new design. Slip rings for beverage-filling machine are good examples. A custom solution is demanded for this kind of machines that not only need to transmit control signals and fluid while allowing joint movements. JINPAT provides hybrid slip rings with modular design that consist of the power unit, signal unit and the hydraulic unit. Thanks to the separated units, there is no concern of leakage and interference. JINPAT has a rigorous testing system. Our slip rings are great in quality while enjoying a long life span. JINPAT slip rings are proven able to work long hours in the automated production systems. With great shock endurance and impact endurance, JINPAT slip rings demonstrate great stability and excellent electronic performance.