JINPAT Slip Rings for Automatic Cable Reels

December 28, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Automatic Cable Reels

Automatic cable reels and automatic cord winders are electrical devices that are used to carry various types of electrical wires. A cable reel, or cable drum helps to store cables and wires. It makes it possible to lengthen and withhold cables according to practical needs. And to enable power and signals transmission a slip ring is needed in this device.

JINPAT Electronics has designed a variety of slip rings that serve cable reels and cord winders. Depending on the size of the cable reels, JINPAT recommends different slip ring solutions.

JINPAT cord winder slip rings are small type of slip rings that serve in relative small cable reels. Let’s look at our slip ring model LPMS-05D. It is a super miniature slip ring with an outer diameter of only 5.5mm. This cable reel slip ring keeps the smallest size record in this application field. Super low torque and low friction ensure smooth and endurable operation. This JINPAT super miniature slip ring fits for visible fishing rod, flexible keyboard.

JINPAT Cable Reel Slip Ring

As for offshore platform cable reel and ship cable reel, JINPAT also has custom slip rings like LPTS000-0440-14S and LPA000-0250-FO04. The former slip ring model is based on the through bore slip ring while the other is of the large current type. These two slip rings feature high power capacity and high working voltage. Compared to the mini size cable reel slip rings, these two have higher protection grading and able to cope with harsh environment.

Aside from the above mentioned slip ring models, there are plenty other slip rings solutions not only for cable reels but also for other kinds of applications. Feel free to contact JINPAT for more information of our slip rings and rotary unions.