JINPAT Slip Rings for Robots

November 15, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Rings for Robots

With the development of artificial intelligence, robots have been applied in every way of life. In this intelligent devices, a slip ring is needed to allow different parts and joints to move in a flexible and unrestricted way while transmitting signals and power.


JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring manufacturer with rich experience in slip ring R&D and production, has many slip ring models that have already been put into mass product and received satisfactory feedback from the clients. In the following, we will look into several slip ring models for different robotic devices.


LPC-0206-IP68 is a JINPAT slip ring that is specially developed for remoted operated vehicles. There are 2 6A channels with a working voltage at 240VAC/DC. And with IP68 and high water resistance, this capsule slip ring can operate normally within 100 meters’ depth.

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As for industrial purpose robotic arms, LPT080-0220-05S-01A and LPT000-1610-2E2-1A are very good slip ring models to choose from. These slip ring take up through-bore design, which facilitate installation on the robot parts. This kind of slip rings features high accuracy, great stability and long service life. It can integrate fieldbus signals, CC-Link, Servo signals and power. Upon request, clients can request a hybrid solution with rotary union to transmit gas and fluid.


LPM-12B and LPM-18C-0902-05S-HD01 are of the JINPAT miniature slip ring series. They are super compact in size and light in weight. LPM-12B is applied in pipeline inspection robots. Minimum outer diameter is 4.5mm. This miniature slip ring can endure extreme temperature while maintain a stable and accurate transmission. LPM-18C-0902-05S-HD01 as you can see in its coding, it can transmit high definition signals. It has a very unique and elegant shape that distinguishes it from other standard products. Its precise transmission and super lightweight make it an ideal model for land mine-disposing robot.


You can always talk to JINPAT’s technology team about your application. JINPAT is confident in bringing you an efficient and economical slip ring solution.