Models Introduction of LPMS-12 Super Miniature Slip Rings

November 19, 2021
Latest company news about Models Introduction of LPMS-12 Super Miniature Slip Rings

LPMS series, super miniature slip rings, has the smallest size among all the slip rings produced by JINPAT. Among its standard slip ring models, LPMS-12A has the biggest diameter. Taking up mostly engineering plastic materials, its diameter reaches up to 11.1mm with a total length of 24mm. It is the biggest slip ring model of the super miniature branch. Beside, to facilitate installation, it has a flange with a diameter of 22.1mm. This flange design distinguishes LPMS-12A from the other slip rings.

On the contrary, LPMS-12U has the smallest diameter of the super miniature slip ring series. Its diameter is 6.5mm while its length 17.4mm. To attain better shock endurance, this miniature slip ring adopts stainless steel as housing. Because of the housing material, its cost is a bit higher than LPMS-12U that takes up plastic housing. LPMS-12U super miniature slip ring has the advantages of super compact size, light weight while integrating a large number of channels. Therefore, it becomes a popular prototype for other custom slip rings.

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LPMS-12U JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring

Take JINPAT high definition video signal slip rings for examples, there are many custom models that are developed from LPMS-12. LPMS-12U-0901-SD1 and LPMS-12U-0202-05S-SD1 are two representatives. This two super miniature slip rings support transmission of 1080P@30FPS signals. Remaining the original shape and weight of the prototype, they can be installed in electrical system with limited installation space. One good application case is the handheld multi-axis camera stabilizer.

Aside from HD video signal slip rings, JINPAT LPMS-12U is also developed into several custom slip rings for computer signals transmission.


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