Latest Models of JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Rings

November 29, 2021
Latest company news about Latest Models of JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Rings

Explosion-proof slip ring is a niche branch of all the slip ring products. Explosion-proof slip rings are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum refining industry, flour processing industry and oil & gas drilling platforms, etc. Because of the specificity of its application environment, there are only less than a hundred existing custom slip ring models with this characteristic. And among JINPAT explosion-proof slip rings, aside from those small size through bore slip rings that are applied in the fracturing trucks, most are large size slip ring products that are intended for heavy equipment and devices.

Although explosion-proof slip ring only takes up a small market share, JINPAT Electronics has been devoted to doing R&D on this specific slip rings. With such great effort, JINPAT explosion-proof slip rings meets the industry standard at home and abroad. Compared with general electrical slip rings, explosion-proof slip rings take up special structure. The most salient feature is their housing. The housing of an explosion-proof slip ring is thicker than that of a general slip ring. And for some explosion-proof slip rings with high anti-explosion grading, they take up stainless steel that exceeds 10mm as housing material.

JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Ring

Recently, JINPAT Electronics has published a latest explosion-proof slip ring LPA000-0480-01PE-0310-2005EX. This high power custom slip ring is designed for small crane on the drilling platform. Therefore, its stator case is on the top while its rotor case is underneath. This layout is very typical among JINPAT explosion-proof slip ring. Since it is designed for small crane, this custom slip ring is not prominent in terms of power capacity. Its high power module integrates 4 80A power channel and 1 ground lead with a working voltage of 220VAC.

Compared with general crane slip ring, explosion-proof crane slip ring need to prevent flammable dust and gas from entering its inner structure. So as to say, the explosion proof slip rings take up a more intact sealing to attain a high protection grading. As for this latest high power explosion proof slip ring, its protection grading reaches IP66.

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