JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings for UAVs

February 17, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings for UAVs

JINPAT is a slip ring manufacturer with over 25 years’ experiences. JINPAT values innovation and creativity. JINPAT is always the pioneer in spotting needs in the slip ring market. With years of efforts and devotion, JINPAT has developed mature slip ring production lines. We have different slip ring model types to fit specific needs of various industries. There are several standard slip ring branches like capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings, pancake slip rings, pin connection slip rings and separate slip rings, etc.


UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are not only playing an important part in the military industry, they are also coming into people’s everyday life. UAVs for aerial photographing are very popular at home and abroad. In this application, slip rings are essential components. Slip rings allow the camera devices to rotate while enabling transmission of video signals between the camera and the processor. JINPAT super miniature slip rings are perfectly fit for UAVs.

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JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring LPMS-12U

JINPAT super miniature slip ring is able to integrate up to 12 channels. This slip ring model is super small with optional diameter from 5.5mm to 11.1mm. Together with its light weight, this slip ring is a perfect match for UAVs. The super miniature slip ring can transmit various signals like Ethernet, USB, HDMI and SDI, etc. It adopts military standard material and gold to gold contact, which contributes to its great electrical performances. JINPAT super miniature slip ring has long service life and well qualified to serve the UAV platform.

JINPAT has established long term relationships with UAV manufacturers. Our clients are satisfied with our slip ring products. Among the super miniature slip ring models, LPMS-12U is the most preferred one. Aside from standard slip rings, JINPAT also provide custom solutions to the customers. Contact us to learn more about JINPAT slip rings. We are confident to bring you the best solution!