Slip Rings for Loitering Munitions

February 21, 2021
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A loitering munition is a combat UAV. It is a weapon system type where the munition loiters around the target area and searches for targets and then finally attacks the target right after locating one. Loitering Munitions are introduced to the modern military field and are gaining more attention. In such system, an electro-optical pod is a key component to facilitate the process of capturing the visual area and locating the target. The slip ring installed within enables the 360-degree rotation of the camera and the power and signal transmission.


JINPAT Electronics develops high precision slip rings. This kind of slip rings adopts coaxial cables as media which give it the advantage of a more stable and high efficient signal transmission. Such feature makes JINPAT slip ring a perfect choice for loitering munitions. JINPAT slip rings guarantee a high speed transmission of high definition video signals, with little package loss. They demonstrate great interference-resistance, ensuring a stable and reliable signal transmission that meet the military requirements. JINPAT high precision slip ring is with low friction which makes the rotation rather smooth and stable and therefore enjoys a long life span. JINPAT slip rings are optional in numbers of channels and their outer diameter. JINPAT offers custom solutions to the clients. Allowing more flexibility in the slip rings products, JINPAT hopes to produced slip rings that can nicely fit in applications with specific demands.


For loitering munitions, there are some JINPAT slip ring models that are popular:

LPC-98T-HF01, allows high frequency and multi-channel signals

LPC-0210-0405-0602-47S-HD02 features compact size with multi-channel

LPC-24A-1602-HD02 features compact size with 2 high definition video signal channels

LPMS-80S features compact size with multi-channel

LPMS-0106-08S-HD01, super miniature size with a high definition video signal channel


If the over mentioned slip rings are not quite to your demand, you can contact with JINPAT technology team to work out the best slip ring model for you. We offer free slip ring design and are capable of mass production. Take actions now!