JINPAT Water-proof Slip Rings

October 24, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT Water-proof Slip Rings

JINPAT water-proof slip ring can transmit power and different signals communications in 360-degree rotary joints under the conditions of moist, ordinary water and seawater. This series of product has the feature of stable performance and reliable quality. The protection grade can be customized from IP54 to IP68.


With the development of industrial power generation technology, there are more and more hot rollers. And the main part is water-proof slip ring. It’s very important to the whole hot rollers just like the heart. So it has a high requirement for its quality. To ensure the normal operation, JINPAT engineers developed different water-proof slip ring applied to various environmental, which entirely meets the using requirement of the equipment. JINPAT water-proof slip ring is used on port machinery, hoisting equipment, bridge equipment, packing machine, process control equipment, mold press, rotary door, revolving restaurant etc. JINPAT water-proof has a long life up to 0.1 billion and 90 degrees V groove design in the continuous 360-degree rotation. This slip ring product has the feature of low torque, low wear, low electrical noise and can transmit the current to 500A/wire or higher. It not only transmits a large number of current but stable transmission and excellent quality. In all, JINPAT slip ring is the priority of water-proof slip ring.