JINPAT High Voltage Slip Rings

October 12, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT High Voltage Slip Rings

Based on features, Jinpat slip rings can be divided into: Electrical conductive slipring, electro-hydraulic conductive slip ring, pneumatic-hydraulic conductive slip ring, electro-pneumatic conductive slip ring, high / low temperature slip ring, high / low pressure slip ring, waterproof slip ring, high speed slip ring, hd slip ring, explosion-proof slip ring, etc.

Along with the development of science and technology, the use method and the use environment of the slip ring are also various, can not only satisfy in the indoor room temperature condition.
In response to this series of applications, JINPAT invented the high voltage slip ring. At present, JINPAT high voltage slip ring can be up to 35,000 volts or higher, which greatly solved the problem of normal operation of the slip ring under strong pressure.

Our standard slip ring series, with any series of power and data transmission. Rated current as high as 1200 A, rated voltage 24 kV. The diameter of the slip ring box varies from 30 mm to 360 mm and can be arranged in 100 levels. It also provides other rotational coupling for liquid medium (such as water) or gas (such as compressed air, inert gas, etc.).

The slip-ring box can be provided by open type for special customer modification, or it can be fully sealed in high-impact plastic or galvanized steel container to meet the IP68 protection level.

JINPAT provides electrical slip ring and brush holder solutions for applications of various currents and voltages. If you need even more voltage, we build two basic types of High Voltage Slip Rings - solid core and air-gap. HV Rings are used in large cranes, mining machines, logging cranes, large cable reels, and other machines requiring more than 2,000 volts.