The Effect of High Temperature on Conductive Slip Rings

September 26, 2017
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When choosing a slip ring, you need to tell manufacturers the working environment and working temperature. For the high temperature resistant slip ring, if working temperature is too high, it will reduce slip ring life and even bring a few serious problems:


1. Too high insulation material temperature


Organic insulating materials will become aging and insulation performance is cutting down, even breakdown. And service life of material is shortened. For example, Life of A-level insulation material will shorten by 50% each increase of 8.101 in certain temperature range. Too high temperature has an obvious influence on the insulation property of inorganic insulation material.



2. Electronic component


High temperature is the enemy of many electronic components. High temperature can hit semiconductor component and make it breakdown. Because the temperature rises, electronic activation increases, that connects semiconductor layer. High temperature deteriorates the performance of electronic components.



3. Poor electrical contact


Poor electrical contact is an important factor of many electrical equipment failure. The temperature of the electric contact has great influence on the electrical contact. The temperature is too high, electrical contact surface of two conductors will have severe oxidation and increased contact resistance , which causing temperature rising of the conductor and its parts, and may even make the contact in welding.


All in all, working temperature of conductive slip ring is very essential to the equipment. So we need to choose the right slip ring when selecting the product.