Large-current Slip Ring Integrating Gigabit Ethernet Transmission

February 15, 2019
Latest company news about Large-current Slip Ring Integrating Gigabit Ethernet Transmission

       Some application like bridging crane is aimed at accomplishing multiple challenging tasks involving loading and unloading. The equipment, thus, is in a strict requirement in its assembly. The slip ring, as a central transmission conductor, is also paid much attention as to its performance.

        JINPAT has offered all kinds of electrical slip rings featuring large current transmission for the marine or offshore equipment. Aside from electricity transmission, optical signal transmission done in an individual part is also achieved. After further research on integrated transmission of the large-current slip ring, a large-scale part that integrates 14ckt*500A & 12ckt*50A & 9ckt*2A current transmission and 2ckt* Gigabit Ethernet signal transferring comes out. A Large dielectric strength also adapts to a high-voltage working condition.



● Circuits: 14ckt* 500A, 12ckt*50A, 9ckt*2A, 2ckt* Gigabit Ethernet

● Voltage: 380VAC

● Dielectric Strength: 1500VAC@50Hz (P) 300VAC@50Hz (S)

● Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ@1000VDC (P) ≥100MΩ@300VDC (S)

● Working Speed: 0~15 rpm

● Contact: Copper graphite / Precious metal

● Working Temperature: -10~+80℃

● Humidity: ≤85%RH

● Protection Grade: IP51