Marine Slip Ring Expert—JINPAT Electronics

July 19, 2017
Latest company news about Marine Slip Ring Expert—JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT Electronics has more than 20 years experience on researching and manufacturing. It developed and produced large amount of marine slip ring which applied in port machinery, such as port crane, hoist, and loader. All port machinery slip rings of JINPAT accord with requirements of Classification Society, which provide powerful technical guarantee for reliable operation of relevant equipment.


Characters of JINPAT crane slip ring:

- Low electrical noise (smaller than 5mΩ), isolation is larger than 60dB

- Reliable capacity, long life time, easy to maintain

- High protection grade (IP65), low and high temperature resistant, salt fog-proof, shock resistant, high pressure resistant.

- Transmit analog signal, digital signal, touch signal, communication signal, teleline-signal and so on with low transmission loss at the same time.

- High current transmission (as high as 2000A), solid core and through-bore (inner diameter can reach 800mm) are optional.

Recommended crane slip ring:LPA high current slip ring

- Due to capacity requirements of high current slip ring and product characters of some fields, structure between circuits was designed to hollowed-out structure which is helpful for heat dissipation.

- Making of top imported graphite alloy make it big carrying capacity (2000A each circuit), less dust, lubrication free, stable operation and ultra long life time.

- Typical applications are oil drilling platform, port machinery, vessel, hoist and crane such machinery equipment.