Non-Magnetic Military Slip Ring

April 7, 2020
Latest company news about Non-Magnetic Military Slip Ring

Military products have extremely high requirements for power systems. This slip ring designed by JINPAT Non-Magnetic Military Slip Ring meets the needs of customers and is the first in the slip ring industry.The main product advantages of JINPAT non-magnetic military slip ring:

1. The slip ring remanence is not more than 15nT when it is not working, and it is not more than 80nT when it is working normally. The number of loops can reach 51, which can be customized according to your needs.
2. The main magnet of non-magnetic slip ring is as small as possible. Keep improving on the material selection of slip ring, and the quality is guaranteed.
3. Special molding process is integrated to ensure that it will not deform or loose during long-term work.
4. Long service life ≥10 million.
5. Good abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity.
6. The external dimensions meet the customer's requirements, the residual magnetic requirements, and stable electrical performance.