Technical Analysis of JINPAT Hydraulic Slip Ring

April 2, 2020
Latest company news about Technical Analysis of JINPAT Hydraulic Slip Ring

Based on the simplified model of hydraulic slip ring, the temperature field distribution of sealing gap is analyzed by ansys software. The viscosity field distribution of the sealing gap is analyzed by the vogel equation.
Hydraulic slip ring in the application of power chuck: with the hydraulic power chuck supporting the hollow rotary cylinder, the seal between rotary cylinder fixed parts and rotating parts is the bottleneck of this technology. In view of its seal in the high interface speed, high boundary pressure and high ambient temperature conditions, the general contact mechanical end seal due to high pv value and difficult to work, so these parts of the seal should be used in the form of non-contact dynamic seal. Hydraulic slip ring is able to meet this application requirement.

The main function of the hydraulic slip ring is to transfer hydraulic oil or other fluid to the rotary cylinder, so that the piston rod to move around, driving the wedge drive jaws, in order to achieve the radial release and clamping chuck. In the process of transmission, the energy loss is as small as possible because of its structural characteristics, it can also carry a certain axial force, while the hydraulic slip ring itself is a self-balancing element.