Application of Fiber Optic Slip Ring in Optogenetics

April 1, 2020
Latest company news about Application of Fiber Optic Slip Ring in Optogenetics

Optogenetics light stimulation in rodents is mainly accomplished by using two techniques, LEDs and laser emission.

Fiber optic slip rings are required for fiber-optic light stimulation in free-moving animals. When unrestricted animals move in the circumferential direction, optical fiber is very easy to break under these stresses. In order to offset this rotational force, the fiber optic jumper must be able to rotate freely.

The fiber optic slip rings with FC socket series were widely used. This way we can determine the type and ideal length of the fiber optic cable. The fiber optic slip ring has extremely low insertion loss and low return loss performance, and is suitable for single-mode or multi-mode fibers commonly used in optogenetics research.