JINPAT Good Pancake Slip Ring

March 30, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Good Pancake Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd. now has been a qualified military equipment supplier for years. Now we have applied a series of regulations and systems for the production and control of military products to civilian products as well.

JINPAT pancake slip ring series (LPK series) generally adopts advanced fiber brush technology, and it is mainly used for precision equipment for transmitting current and signal between rotating platform and stationary platform, such as hotel revolving door control system; radar, antenna system; industrial automation system; robot control Systems and other industries.

JINPAT LPK series transmits power, signal and other data from the fixed position to the rotating position, through the multi-contact contact between the brush and the loop. It is featured with low torque, low loss and maintenance-free, low electrical noise, long life etc. According to customers’ requirements, JINPAT can customize the slip ring with different parameters such as shaft diameter, current, voltage, wire length, terminal type, circuits, speed and protection level.

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