The Huge Advantage of JINPAT Gas-Hydraulic Integrated Slip Ring

March 24, 2020
Latest company news about The Huge Advantage of JINPAT Gas-Hydraulic Integrated Slip Ring

JINPAT’s gas-hydraulic integrated slip ring includes an electric slip ring and an air slip ring. The electric slip ring is used for 360-degree rotation to conduct electricity or transmit various signals. The air slip ring is used for 360-degree rotation through gas. Various gases such as water vapor. The electric slip ring is a combination of an electric slip ring and an air slip ring, which can conduct electricity in 360 rotations and transmit various gas media in combination. The electric hydraulic slip ring is a liquid medium added on the basis of the electric slip ring. When the Jinpat slip ring rotates 360 degrees, the gas-liquid paths are not disturbed.

The gas-hydraulic combination rotary joint requires very high sealing requirements. Depending on the type of medium and the use pressure, different structures and seal materials are required. Jinpat Electronics reached a cooperation agreement with a famous German manufacturer of gas-liquid rotary seals to jointly develop gas-liquid rotary joints. According to the different needs of different customers, conductive slip rings, high-frequency rotary joints, waveguide rotary joints, and optical fiber rotary joints can be integrated on the gas-liquid rotary joint.

JINPAT slip ring adopts high-precision parts processing combined with advanced surface treatment technology, brand new testing equipment to ensure the surface accuracy and wear resistance of the rotating shaft, the structure strictly screened by the expert group and the original imported seals fully guarantee In order to play a stable and excellent performance in different media (compressed gas, hydraulic oil, liquid, paint and other fluids) and the use pressure.

The light torque gas-liquid slip ring and gas-hydraulic integrated slip ring produced by Jinpat Electronics are suitable for the needs of industries such as turntables, food processing industries, metallurgy industries, and automated production lines. The design requirements are strict, and the three major transmission requirements of power, signal and over-gas Unified on a slip ring, and can integrate a variety of signals and power, welcome customers to inquire.