On HD Conductive Slip Ring Development In Future Industry

February 21, 2017
Latest company news about On HD Conductive Slip Ring Development In Future Industry

In recent years with the development of industry, all the countries in the world, especially developed countries have made great development on satellite and high frequency signal transmission. As satellite and high frequency has more stable, more effective signal transmission, the development of HD signal transmission is obviously restricted and there is a trend to decline. But HD signal transmission is still important to many fields, especially military field. Every year the countries will update regularly on their ships, vehicle signal transmission and other military equipment. Especially the United States have spared no effort in this regard.


So HD signal is of great importance in the military units. In the way, it must use HD signal slip ring. Because the feature of HD signal slip ring can’t be replaced by other slip rings. In the field of wireless communications, there are three ways: satellites, high-definition signals and meteor trails.



High frequency transmission is a way that optical wave transmits information through fiber optics. High frequency slip ring is widely applied to robots, remote control system, military units, aeronautical facility, submarine operation and a variety of high-tech, high demand facilities. With the progress of technology, high frequency slip ring will be used more wider fields in the future. Modern industry mainly includes scale advantage, standardized operation, advanced production technology, product testing system, convenient logistics system, several strict management control and so on, which of them improvement of production process is the core of reducing cost, improving efficiency and product quality.



More advanced is the mercury slip ring. It has many advantages of large current transmission, fast working speed and long service life. The disadvantage is expensive price. The price of the usual mechanical equipment rises sharply after using, reducing the competitiveness in the market. So the slip ring generally is used in high-end equipment or precision instruments as well as the laboratory. The amount is not large. This special industrial parts plays an important role in the manufacturing and research of future intelligent robot. Process improvement makes JINPAT slip ring an indispensable part in the equipment.


All in all, conductive slip ring has wider application fields. HD slip ring is also of essential. It has ultra low insertion loss and transmitting fluctuation and compact structure.