Fiber Optic Slip Ring For High End Equipment

March 2, 2017
Latest company news about Fiber Optic Slip Ring For High End Equipment

Why does high-end equipment use fiber optic slip ring instead of standard slip ring? I’d like to share advantage and feature of fiber optic slip ring as follows:


Fiber optic rotary connector is called optic slip ring, fiber optic rotary joint, and so on. This series of slip ring is responsible for optic signal transmission of rotary parts. That’s is to say, it can ensure optic signal stable transmission and won’t interrupted by rotation. Compared with standard electrical slip ring, Fiber optic slip ring has more stable signal transmission, faster operating speed and longer service life. There are some points about benefits of fiber optic slip ring:


1. Fiber optic signal transmission, no electromagnetic leakage, good confidentiality, anti-electromagnetic interference


2. No contact transmission, no wear, long life up to 300 million rpm; no friction


3. Can be used in flammable and explosive environment


4. Transmission bandwidth is much larger than electrical connector; mixing wavelength division multiplexer can improve bandwidth doubled.

5. Safer for transmission, no electromagnetic pulse, no radiation, or any detectable energy


6. The optical fiber is an insulator that is not affected by electromagnetic waves, lightning, radiation noise, and adjacent cables.


7. Small volume, 100 electrical slip ring, length up to over 330mm and outer dimension up to 60mm above


8. Can transmit signal model or multi model fiber optic signal; 1 to 12 circuits are optional.