About the High Temperature Resistant Slip Ring

March 7, 2017
Latest company news about About the High Temperature Resistant Slip Ring

With the development of automation equipment, more and more factories use automatic production equipment. This case improves production efficiency and reduces human cost. Heating roller machine, hot rolling machine and die casting machine need such high precision high temperature slip ring. Because the temperature of the equipment is very high, a slip ring has the feature of high temperature resistance. These equipment has a temperature range of 140°and 200°. Conductive slip ring needs high temperature performance to meet customers’ requirement.


Jinpat Electronics has several research and development experience in the country and its high temperature resistance is up to 260°. It can meet 99% high temperature equipment demand. When we need high temperature resistance slip ring, high temperature resistance material becomes a must. The spindle of the conductive ring, standard slip ring uses Aluminum Alloy or ordinary PM glue. High temperature resistance slip ring needs high temperature material and Teflon material for spindle. End cover, bearing, copper ring and brush frame are required to use high temperature resistant materials, which reaches high temperature performance in total.


Choosing Jinpat high temperature resistant slip ring is more reliable for you and your products.