The Various Parameters Of Conductive Slip Ring

March 16, 2017
Latest company news about The Various Parameters Of Conductive Slip Ring

In order to help customers to understand conductive slip ring and to choose it better, JINPAT summarizes the key parameters of medium and low frequency conductive slip ring according to years of experience in the development and application of conducting slip ring. The key parameters of conductive slip ring are as follows:


1) Working voltage


Each slip ring has its own rated voltage. Rated voltage is mainly affected by space and insulating material. Beyond rated voltage, it may cause bad insulation, internal breakdown and even serious burning.


2) Current rating


Contact material area and conductivity determines the maximum load current of conductive slip ring. If beyond the rated working current, it will lead to the temperature of the contact point rose sharply, resulting in contact to contact separation and contact gasification because of expansion of contact point position. On light, it causes contact has broken off the bad from time to time; On serious cases JINPAT slip ring can support over 50% current working in an instant.


3) Insulation resistance


Generally, insulation resistance refers to resistance between an arbitrary ring of multiple conductive slip ring and the other ring or housing resistance. The insulation resistance is affected by the insulation material and environmental humidity and so on. Under low insulation resistance, it can cause interference and crosstalk. Under high voltage, it will cause a spark, heating-up and so on. JINPAT can ensure that a slip ring has the minimum insulation resistance of 500 MΩ.


4) Contact material


The contact resistance can describe the contact reliability of conductive slip ring. The contact resistance depends on the contact friction material type, contact pressure and contact surface smooth. Under certain contact materials, contact resistance can not blindly pursue low resistance and appropriately reduce the contact resistance requirements, which will extend the life of conductive slip ring.


5) Life time


Life time of the conductive slip ring refers to the time from the conductive ring start using time to any ring failure time. There are some factors to affect the slip ring life: contact material type, contact pressure, contact volume, working current, working environment and so on. JINPAT products enjoy life time of 50 million rpm to 100 million rpm.

6) Rated working speed


The rated speed of conductive slip ring is affected by many aspects such as contact friction type, reasonable structure, machining precision and assembly precision and other aspects. JINPAT controls the quality to make our the product get the highest cost performance ratio from different aspects.


7) IP grade


According to the customer's using environment, the product has the feature of waterproof and explosion-proof and other needs. Our product protection grade can reach up to IP68 and there is explosion-proof conductive slip ring. At the same time, it meets the explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment, and obtains the explosion-proof certificate.


8) Other requirements


There are also anti vibration, high temperature resistance, resistance to climate and other requirements in specific environment. JINPAT has several mature schemes and cases to meet the needs of customers.