Hot Application of Conductive Slip Ring

March 21, 2017
Latest company news about Hot Application of Conductive Slip Ring

Conductive slip ring refers to electric precise device when rotating. Nowadays high technology conductive slip ring is used wider deeper in society. And its application is more and more obvious. So which application does conductive slip ring is applied to?


I. The security industry

Along with the enhancement of people’s safety awareness, security monitoring has entered the lives of everyone from military monitoring to intelligent monitoring and security system. As the core of intelligent system—speed dome, it is based on the traditional camera, by increasing precise slip ring to achieve the full range without blind spot monitoring, and real-time tracking. JINPAT provides standard slip ring series, which is used in security engineering.


II. Industry



The conductive slip ring is widely used in the mechanical arm, winding machine, robots, filling machines and other equipment. The rotating joint is an indispensable part of modern industrial equipment. In order to realize the complex motion, control functions, the conductive slip ring is applied to the joint, used to transmit power, signal and so on. JINPAT has module product to meet customers’ needs. All products are compatible with conventional bus, and can provide the slip ring and fluid combination. At the same time, it’s used to transfer pressure and hydraulic.


III. Military industry


JINPAT slip ring is successfully applied to military units, commercial aircraft, satellite, space transportation, communication and other aspects such as missile under some specific circumstances. It provides with the waveguide and frequency combination products and has reliable performance in complex working environment.



IV. Wind power industry


As green energy of the future, with continuous research and development of JINPAT and many engineers, it develops pitch control of wind power generation of wind power slip ring, which can ensure reliable performance under in the harsh working environment, even in high vibration, dust, high temperature and high cold.