JINPAT High Speed Slip Ring Application

March 30, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT High Speed Slip Ring Application

JINPAT has experienced design team. Through continuous efforts, we have developed a high speed conductive slip ring, which can meet various needs of high-speed rotating equipment. This series of slip ring can be used the high speed device up to 12000rpm. Fiber brush contact can operate under 12000rpm at normal operation and no need to cool equipment.


With the development of modern technology, there will be more and more rotary equipment such as centrifuge, instrumentation, high speed testing equipment etc. Such equipment needs to transmit current, a slip ring is very important. JINPAT high speed slip ring is usually applied in centrifuge, instrumentation and high speed testing equipment. High speed slip ring is gold to gold contact material and, can meet 0.1 billion rpm life and has 90 degree V groove design. Besides it has the feature of low torque, low wear, low noise, high temperature resistance and aging-resistance.