Some Introduction On JINPAT Micro Pancake Slip Ring

April 1, 2017
Latest company news about Some Introduction On JINPAT Micro Pancake Slip Ring

As we all know, compare to the Through-hole slip ring, Pancake slip ring is thinner. However, due to Pancake slip ring can only develop in a radial direction and cannot be integrated in the axial, thus, although ordinary Pancake slip ring is thinner, the outer diameter becomes bigger. This issue is not only trouble the customer, but also causing distress to general slip ring manufacturers.

However, through unremitting efforts by research and development team of the Pancake slip ring, JINPAT introduces the super mini Pancake slip ring. It raises to a higher level of slip rings` fine, small, light and thin.


Major technological breakthroughs:

  • Outer diameter is φ20mm (only 0.5 yuan coins size)
  • The minimum thickness is 6mm( the only manufacturer in China)
  • 2circuits*2A, 1 circuits*2A signal
  • It can integrate a variety of signal
  • Though the testing, the life can up to 5million or over( the actual life should according to the customer's installation and working environment, speed-related)
  • Can be customized according to customers` special installation requirements