JINPAT Slip Ring Application On Robots

April 11, 2017
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring Application On Robots

Robots is a mechanical device carrying on jobs. It not only accept human command but operate pre-programmed program. Also it can work based on the principles of artificial intelligence technology. Its task is to help or replace human’s jobs such as manufacturing industry, architecture industry or dangerous jobs. So it needs conductive slip ring to connect in industrial robots’ rotary joints to achieve the robotic arms work.


JINPAT developed slip ring specially for industrial robots. It has the feature in following points:

1 Designed specifically for industrial robots

2 Super-low wear and free maintenance

3 Adopts precious metal fiber brush technology and precious metal ensures long working life

4 Compact design, beautiful appearance and smooth running

5 Low torque, low electrical noise

6 360 degree unrestricted rotation meets power, signal and data transmission

7 Perfect product series; customize needed products as customers’ needs


For the case, JINPAT engineers recommend our LPC and LPT series slip ring.


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