The Development Of High Speed Slip Ring

April 18, 2017
Latest company news about The Development Of High Speed Slip Ring

With the fast development of industry, machinery market is extremely fast. As high precision of slip ring and electromagnetic function of high speed motor combines well, it saves the complex rotating part of the middle. It has the feature of wide speed adjustable range, small vibration noise and easy to control. So it can achieve accurate stop, accurate speed and accurate location. This series of slip ring not only has high production efficiency, but it can improve obviously surface quality of the part and processing precision. A slip ring is a core component of machinery. Traditional slip ring works through the middle rotating device like leather belt, gear etc. A slip ring is also called internal electrical slip ring unit. Its main feature is the motor is put the internal of slip ring. It works through driving power causing slip ring operating. In the mechanical manufacturing to high speed, high precision and high intelligence, high speed slip ring has been widely used in various fields.


Now, machining center slip ring is towards low speed and high toque development. In this case, it ensures that the device can output torque as high as possible when reaching high speed. Gradually, as the core component part of high speed machine center slip ring, it has long term application and development.