Slip Ring Choices for Space Limited Applications

August 18, 2021
Latest company news about Slip Ring Choices for Space Limited Applications

If you have an application that need rotary conductive transmission, but you are concerned that general slip ring is too over-sized for you. You might consider choosing super miniature slip rings or separate slip rings.

Generally speaking, for commercial section, capsule slip rings and miniature slip rings are two favorable slip ring types. These two are widely applied for their compact size, light weight as well as good compatibility. However, for some special systems and applications, they are still too big to fit in.

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JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Ring

The first solution is JINPAT super miniature slip ring with a diameter optional from 5.5mm~11.1mm. The super miniature slip ring adopts military-class materials. With low friction contacts, it rotates smoothly while transmitting signals in a reliable way. Similar to other common slip rings, super miniature slip ring is a one-piece slip ring unit with a housing that provides protection to its inner structure. With protection grading up to IP50, this slip ring can function well even in harsh environment. Features like water-proof, impact resistance, connector types are achievable under request.

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JINPAT Separate Slip Ring

Secondly comes the JINPAT separate slip rings. Separate slip ring is also known as split slip ring and PCB slip ring. From its naming, you can see it is a slip ring that consists of two parts. A rotor and a brush stator. The slip ring mechanism, unlike the former mentioned types, are directly exposed. Without a housing, there are more requirements of the environment where these separate slip rings are applied. But of course, without the burden of the housing, the separate slip ring is lighter, more space-saving and also flexible.

By now, we hope you have a better understanding of these slip rings. And if you are still wondering what kind of slip ring that best fit in your system, you can contact with JINPAT Electronics. JINPAT is happy to make a slip ring specially design for you!