JINPAT Separate Hybrid Slip Ring with Large Through Bore

August 20, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Separate Hybrid Slip Ring with Large Through Bore

Given its special structure, slip ring separates are directly exposed without any covering. Therefore, the applied condition is very demanding. The separate slip ring should be used indoors with at constant temperature and humidity. Off course, if the applied platform can offer certain external protection for the separates, the slip ring can work more reliably and endurably.


As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics has taken up a large share in the separate slip ring market. JINPAT separate slip ring is coded as LPS series. It features compact size and lightness. Thanks to the gold-to-gold contact friction pairs, JINPAT separate slip ring demonstrates excellent electrical performances.


For standard separate slip rings, single channel capacity is 2A. They are typical light current slip rings and fit for small devices and applications like instrument, apparatus, semiconductor packing equipment and so on. For some electromechanical system that need slip ring with separate design but with more powerful conductive capacity, a custom solution is a good choice.

JINPAT Separate Slip Ring LPS095-0203-30S

Take JINPAT custom separate slip rings for medical shadowless lamp for instance, the working voltage is intended at 48VAC. Single channel capacity reaches 30A. These separates can be integrated with HDMI signals. To achieve a more reliable transmission of power and signals, the electric module adopts special lubricant-free carbon brush. The brush of the signal ring is also handle in a special way to adapt to the manual operating system on the shadowless lamp.


JINPAT has many custom separate slip ring solutions that fit for different appliances. Like those fit for high power transmission and others for light current. JINPAT Separate Slip Ring LPS095-0203-30S is a model that integrate channels for power and various signals. There are 2 3A power channels at 28V. As for the signal module, there are as many as 30 channels, at 3 kinds of voltage, namely 1V, 4V and 15V. This separate slip ring model is developed for instant messaging equipment on large scale aircraft. The aircraft cabin offers suitable conditions to the slip ring. And given the simple, compact and light structure of the separates, it is an excellent choice for aircraft that demand lightness while choosing components.